Activités du groupe Fayat

More than competencies, we’re seeking for human values

Growing together   

Clément Fayat

Fayat DR

"Joining Fayat means participating in a collective adventure in companies on a human scale, within a group of international importance. Our subsidiaries promote autonomy and a sense of responsibility with decentralised management based on trust. Our growth and the diversity of our activities allow us to offer our teams real development prospects, both in France and abroad. Not to mention our in-house training and the sharing of experiences. That’s what we mean by growing together."

Clément Fayat, founder

The Fayat Group – 60 years of growth

Fayat is, above all, a story of men and women: a story of a family SME which became France’s fourth-biggest building and public works group and the country’s leading steel construction company.

What is the secret of our success? Managing to combine the power and stability of a group that is not listed on the stock exchange, with a entrepreneurial culture and highly autonomous subsidiaries.

Today, our network of more than 150 subsidiaries is established on each continent and active in all of the major construction and industrial trades.

The Fayat Group has 19,500 employees, 30% of them outside France.