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Zone Industrielle Le Bosc
BP 9
32501 Fleurance Cedex - France
  • +33 (0)5 62 67 46 06
  • +33 (0)5 62 06 00 68
  • castealu [@]castelalu [dot]fayat [dot]com


The façade engineer Castel Alu, a major building envelope stakeholder, designs and makes various joinery parts out of aluminium or steel to endow buildings with brand new architectural effects.

Thanks to close working relations with its suppliers, Castel Alu also offers different types of façade: breathable, double skin, curtain wall in VEC (structural sealant glazing), VEP (structural beaded glazing) and VEA (structural seam glazing).

Castel Alu takes on LEB (Low-EnergyBuilding), HQE (High Environmental Quality) and solar panel projects and thus contributes to the Fayat Group's sustainable development policy.