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Contact information

3 rue René Razel
Christ de Saclay
91892 Orsay Cedex
  • + 33 (0) 1 60 12 86 00
  • + 33 (0) 1 60 12 85 99
  • contact [@]fcai [dot]fayat [dot]com


Founded in October 2010, the Economic Interest Group FCAI (FAYAT Construction Purchases - Achats in French - Investments) is a purchasing service dedicated to the Construction companies throughout the Group.

FCAI teams are made up of about 50 people, purchasers for the most part, and are located:

  • In 5 regions in France, housed inside subsidiaries to connect directly with the latter’s field employees and top management.
  • At the Saclay-based Headquarters for shared central services.

The EIG-members finance FCAI yearly. Purchasing-generated savings for construction sites are directly and entirely distributed back to the matching subsidiaries.


FCAI supports and assists FAYAT Construction subsidiaries’ projects and growth/expansion given the needs of their markets. FCAI pools purchasing volumes and expertise thanks to its cross-functional positioning and its purchasers’ networking. Simultaneously, it builds collaboration between the subsidiaries, which benefits the construction sites using its services.

Purchasing services

FCAI offers and develops its purchasing services:

  • General framework agreements
  • Construction framework agreements
  • Construction / projects purchasing (structural works, finishings/light work, supplies, subcontracting)
  • Elevator purchasing
  • Sourcing subcontractors and suppliers abroad (Europe, Africa, Middle-East…)
  • Production equipment (investments)
  • Spare-parts Purchasing
  • Shipping department (shipping of spare-parts, including overseas)


FCAI would like to create and maintain balanced commercial relationships with recurring suppliers and subcontractors, located in France or abroad. Their provided services offer quality and are regulation- and specification-compliant, for rates that ensure our competitive edge.

Thanks to its group-wide networking, FCAI gives the opportunity to its successful service providers to work for other locations/subsidiaries, depending on the needs.

The purchasers' goal is to apply professional methods and skills. Their appropriate behavior establishes a favorable atmosphere for their partners, backing their growth within the FAYAT Group. 

Foreign suppliers, to submit your referencing application please click here.