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PTC Indian Ocean (Mayotte)

PTC Indian Ocean (Mayotte)

Contact information

Rue de la Mosquée des Indiens
ZI Kaweni
BP 727
97600 Mamoudzou
  • +33 (0)2 69 61 64 50
  • contact [@]ptc-oi [dot]com


PTC is a world leader in the manufacture of vibrodriving equipment for special foundations and soil improvement.

The company was founded in 1928 by a team of French engineers who created internal concrete vibration by immersion of a vibrator. It has since diversified in the manufacture of vibratory equipment for deep foundations (Vibrodrivers and Vibrolances) and in sensitive areas (Variable High Frequency).

Today, the company employs 70 people on its Noisy-le-Sec site (north-west of the Parisian region) and in its subsidiaries abroad, with a network of staff in over 40 countries.

Head office


56, rue de Neuilly - 93136 Noisy-le-Sec Cedex France