Activités du groupe Fayat



As a major construction and industrial company, the French group FAYAT has been working in 7 main professions for 60 years:

Working across 152 independent subsidiaries set up in 120 countries, its 19,000 employees play a daily part in continuing its growth. Fayat makes a turnover of nearly 3,5 billion euros.

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No. 1 family group in construction and industry

Founded by Clément Fayat in 1957, Fayat has become the 4th construction and civil engineering trades group and the first family group in construction and industry in France. Its design and mechanical manufacture activities make it the onlyfull-liner in road building equipment in the world.

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Aware of its social and environmental responsibility, Fayat helps to fit out our living environments alongside other companies and local authorities on a daily basis. Fayat assists its public and private customers alike in carrying out both small- and large-scale equipment and development projects.

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In an environment where innovation is picking up pace and where the demands for profitability are rising, Fayat has successfully developed and diversified its business from the outset – whilst staying true to its original profession: civil engineering.

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