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Autonomy, commitment and audacity 

Engagement, Autonomie et Audace

Far from hopping on the bandwagon, the Fayat family group has built itself upon 3 core values: autonomy, commitment and audacity. Keeping its promises, assuming its responsibilities and managing its projects pragmatically underpin its entrepreneurial culture and business relations.

"I respect the values to which I remain more than ever attached: the independence and responsibility of our companies, and the trust and audacity of the men and women behind them." Clément Fayat, founder

Fayat invests a significant proportion of its turnover in research and development.Its innovations have scooped awards on numerous occasions in national and international competitions, including If Product Design Awards, Innovation Awards Intermat and Palmarès de l’acier. Fayat registers new patents in construction methods and structures at regular intervals.

The Fayat team's expertise in construction and industry is the fruit of an active training policy put into practice by several in-house schools. As a forerunner and benchmark in road technologies, the group also projects itself as an accredited external training organisation.

Fayat gives precedence to protecting its employees. The group is committed to improving its safety performances on a regular basis.

Innovation et formation : préparer l’avenir

CSR: bearing sustainable development in mind

Fayat takes sustainable development very much into account in its growth strategy. The Group is constantly looking to strike a balance between economic effectiveness, social progress and environmentally friendly approaches, and it therefore incorporates CSR (corporate social responsibility) into its business plan. 

In practice, Fayat offers up environmental solutions in all its activity sectors:    

  • Construction of buildings according to the HPE (High Energy Performance) accreditation and HQE (High Environmental Quality) and BBC (Low-EnergyBuilding) standards.
  • Purification of water by planted filters and fitting-out of watertight basins by geomembrane
  • Design and production of solar panel plants and farms
  • Manufacture of more environmentally-friendly equipment  (waste compactors and sweepers running on natural gas)
  • Marketing of machinery that cuts CO2 emissions, optimises the use of resources and gives fresh thought to ergonomics

Our commitments


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