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4 hangars for the A350

Castel & Fromaget constructed a building to house four assembly units for the Airbus A350.

Designed by Toulouse architects Calvo and Tran-Van, the structure is 35 metres tall by 100 metres wide and 320 metres long. This contract for the design and fabrication of the wind and watertight structure (framework, roofing, cladding and large doors) amounting to nearly €25 million, won by Castel & Fromaget - lead firm for the structural steelwork package - started during the third quarter of 2012, after a design phase of 7 to 8 months on Castel & Fromaget's premises.

ADC will equipped the building with 10 special bridge cranes: Eight 10-tonne tri-rails (length:63.5 m, height:17 m) and two 5-tonne bi-rails (length:22.5 m, height:26 m). This second contract amounts to a budget of €3.25 million.

4 cellules d'assemblage pour Airbus


Castel & Fromaget

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