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6,000 columns for a refinery

Leduc – a French company with a strong reputation in the deep foundations industry – has carried out soil improvement works in order to increase the bearing capacity of the site and facilitate the construction of a refinery near Annaba in Algeria. These works required the creation of6,000 stonecolumns in a record time of just four months.


For this project, Leduc used three PTC VL18 BFS Vibrolances that were specially adapted to work on the rigs already set up on site. Leduc also used the new PTC SC13 rig for stone columns. This machine, which integrates a rig, Vibrolance and BFS (Bottom Feed System), has been specially designed by PTC to obtain the highest productivity in the installation of stone columns (approx. 20 min./stone column), which allowed Leduc to finish the project within the tight execution deadline.


The6,000 stonecolumns, created using PTC equipment, descend to a depth of8.5 mand have a diameter of0.6 m. They were installed according to a square grid measuring: 1.35 x1.35 mand 1.6 x1.6 m

Lechantier de fondations d'une raffinerie en Algérie Le matériel de PTC sur le chantier



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