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Bamako Airport

Razel has been awarded the contract as part of a consortium for the project to extend and reinforce the runway of Bamako-Sénou international airport. The aim is to accommodate over one million passengers per year and all sizes of large-capacity aircraft. The first phase of the works – mainly earth moving – consisted of extending the existing runway by500 metres. The second phase – strengthening the runways and parking areas – requires impeccable phasing in order to limit the impact of the works on the airport’s activities. 70,000 tonnes of asphalt are being laid on the runway, taxiway and parking areas. All of Razel Afrique’s expertise is being put to the test, with the involvement of staff from 11 different nations.

The hot mix asphalt has been produced using continuous hot mix asphalt plants TSM 15 ERMONT and TSM 17 ERMONT, supplied by MARINI-ERMONT

La piste de l'aéroport de Bamako L'aéroport de Bamako Razel-Bec a fait appel à du matériel Bomag



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