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Developments of the Bordeaux ring road

Closure of light shafts on four civil engineering structures of the A630 Bordeaux ring road in the framework of the conversion of this road into a 2x3 lane route.

The works were carried out between September and November 2011.

Installation was carried out over one weekend, with the closure of the outer ring road for a period of 36 hours.

The works were completed out in 20 hours with four trips by the installation unit.

The light shafts were blocked by reinforced concrete girders measuring 18 lm by 2 lm wide and weighing 60 tonnes.

These girders were prefabricated by our Floirac depot.

Their installation required two 160 T mobile cranes, taking account of the constraints (VHV line, long span, etc.)

Project Owner: DREAL

Project Manager: DIRA

Travaux de nuit sur la rocade bordelaise


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