Activités du groupe Fayat

Ensemble Premium

Construction for Pitch Promotion of an office and underground car park complex consisting of three buildings awarded the HQE high environmental quality label and covering 13,000 m2.

Built for the French insurance company Groupama, this complex thus conforms to very strict standards for environmental aspects, eco-construction, energy, water and waste management and internal comfort. The design of the large, richly planted atrium on the ground floor provides light and conviviality and the green terrace on the top floor ensures the consistent management of rainwater. 90% of the offices are lit by natural light thanks to specially designed glazing and sunshades.

Le nouveau siège de Groupama Des vitrages et pare-soleil adaptés pour profiter de la lumière naturelle Un modèle d'éco-construction L'ensemble de bureaux construit pour Groupama