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Extension of a hospital centre

Bec Construction Provence is building the extension to the Gap-Muret hospital on a design and build basis. The project, begun in 2010, will finish in the first quarter of 2015.


It involves the construction of four units:

-         1 Medical unit (extension to radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, oncology and dialysis)

-         1 Geriatric unit with 152 beds

-         1 Surgical unit (90 beds + outpatients)

-         1 Critical Care unit (Casualty, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency telephone centre)


The project also includes the construction of a heliport on the roof, the extension of the operating theatres, sterilisation department and other wards.


Surface area to be built: 34,800 m2

Surface area to be renovated: 1,400 m2

Surface area to be demolished: 6,600 m2


Total cost of works by all building trades: €65 M excl. VAT

Total cost of studies: €8 M excl. VAT 

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