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Foundations of an offshore wind farm

Danish electricity producer Dong Energy – the European leader in the field of electricity produced by offshore wind turbines – has entrusted PTC with the task of driving several 275-tonne piles in the framework of the Anholt wind farm project.

PTC proposed an innovative solution for this project: a combination of three 200HD Vibrodrivers© (eccentric moment of200, each powered by a1200C(806 kW) hydraulic power pack. This equipment incorporates PTC’s patented cutting-edge synchronisation technology.

By bringing the structure into service without delay in record time, PTC has proven to its partners that it is capable of rising to the challenges posed by offshore wind farms, which are unique due to their size and complexity.

Finally, the success of the project is the culmination of a close collaboration between PTC and its client Dong Energy with regard to numerous parameters such as soil data analysis, driving prediction analysis, the drafting of the technical proposal and project supervision.

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