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In the kingdom of cleanliness

In the spring of 2012, Mathieu delivered its third sweeper for the Swiss market.

For two years, the manufacturer has been successfully collaborating with Kupfer S.A. - a Bex-based company specialising in municipal and sanitation equipment.


In the kingdom of chocolate and precision watch making, cleanliness reigns supreme and the requirements could not be more exacting. Kupfer enjoys a flawless reputation on the Swiss market, based on its unfailing after-sales service. Also a Ravo dealer for over 20 years, the trust that Kupfer places in Mathieu machines is real recognition of the quality of the equipment developed by the company.


After the two AZURA MC 200 machines already delivered to the city of Geneva, this third model, equipped with a front sweeper, came into service in April 2012.

Kupfer’s numerous references in Switzerland should create new opportunities for Mathieu.

Une balayeuse de Mathieu AZURA MC200 à Genève



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