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Jules Horowitz nuclear reactor

Razel-BEC is participating in project to build the major Jules Horowitz nuclear research reactor (RJH): a modern, high-performance facility used by the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and European partners to support and assess current and future nuclear programmes. The contract includes all of the civil engineering for the buildings and installations. The biggest in size is the nuclear unit consisting of a reactor building and its annex. This is a six-storey structure containing the reactor, housed in its pool, in addition to the channels and storage pools for irradiated components and the “hot cells” for performing experiments.


In addition, the CEA has appointed Joseph Paris and Comète, in a groupment with SPRETEC, to design, supply and assemble the main bridge cranes for the reactor buildings (BUR) and reactor auxiliaries (BUA). The companies have installed four different machines: 1 RMP polar crane (capacity: 36 T/6 T, reach:34 m, weight: 240 T), 1 Nef EML bridge crane (capacity: 45 T / 5 T, reach:14 m), 1 ZAR EMZ bridge crane (capacity: 25 T, reach:6 m), 1 EMP pool access bridge crane (capacity: 2 T, reach:13 m).

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Joseph Paris

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