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Photovoltaic plant

The largest photovoltaic power plant on a car park in France has been built by Fayat Entreprise TP and Vilquin, on the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre car park.

Eight hectares of the 20-hectare car park have been covered with photovoltaic panels.

Fayat Entreprise TP took 10 months to install all of the dry networks (40,000 lm of ducting, 4,060 lm of trenches and 155 drawpits), create the pedestrian walkways, repave the car park, apply the road markings, erect the signage and complete the landscaping.

The company is the lead firm for the entire project.

The 1,150 foundation piles have been subcontracted to FRANKI FOUNDATIONS.

VILQUIN installed all of the supports for the shade structures (1,300 tonnes of steel) and the vertical wire trunking in just four months.

Project Owner: EDF Energies Nouvelles France

Project Manager: Secotrap

Total cost: €17 M, including €4 M for Fayat Entreprise TP.

Supports d'ombrières au Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux Supports pour panneaux photovoltaïques


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