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Pont de Recouvrance lift bridge

The Fayat Group’s Nantes-based subsidiary has been appointed to replace the deck, the lifting mechanisms and the associated command and control systems on one of Europe’s longest lift bridges.

The new span was assembled in Belgium in an area equipped with a wharf apron to facilitate its loading onto a barge and then its transportation to Brest. Spanning87.5 metres, it weighs 625 tonnes and now incorporates cantilevered footpaths for pedestrians.

The lifting mechanisms took eight months to design, with the same amount of time devoted to fabrication in the company’s offices and workshops.

The renovation of the Pont de Recouvrance bridge forms part of a new traffic programme that will be open to pedestrians, cars, cyclists and the tramway system in June 2012.

Le pont levant de Recouvrance à Brest


Joseph Paris

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