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Renault factory in Tanger

Delivered in record time after only one month of studies and 8 months of fabrication at Castel & Fromaget, this plant covers a total surface area of 300,000 m2.

To complete a third of this surface area, 6,500 tonnes of steel had to be brought to the site (welded fabricated sections, rolled sections, angle iron and running beams). The assembly of the painted steelwork took three and a half months of work in Castel & Fromaget's workshops. The same time was required for roofing. The cladding took five months to complete.

In the construction phase, Castel & Fromaget appointed 10 experts to manage a team of 200 erectors. The output of the Renault Dacia plant, built for an annual production capacity of 170,000 vehicles, will eventually rise to 400,000 vehicles per year

Usine Renault à Tanger


Castel & Fromaget

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