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Renovation of the Rue de la République

Renovation of Block 14, Rue de la République, between the Old Port of Marseilles and the Euroméditerranée Business District, carried out by CARI PROVENCE, acting as the Prime Contractor.
The buildings consist of five standard floors plus 1 attic floor. The building will be partially raised by two floors, thus realigning it in relation to the other buildings in this block.
The following projects will be carried out and delivered consecutively in a tight schedule from June 2012 to December 2013: 205 student accommodation units, 116 dwellings for first-time owners, one Monoprix store and seven other commercial premises.
The frontages of this building will be renovated to match the original façades (Haussmann-style buildings).

La rue de la République à Marseille Un chantier en zone très dense Façade haussmanienne Rue de la République à Marseille Détail de la façade


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