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Tabellout dam

This hydraulic structure – Algeria’s fifth biggest in terms of storage capacity (approximately 294 million m3) - is situated in the wilayah of Jihel, just over 350 km from Algiers. An important component of the system used for transferring water to the high plateaus, this gravity dam was built using one million m3 of roller-compacted concrete (RCC). 115 metres tall, 366 metres long and 8 metres wide at the top, it incorporates a free-threshold stepped spillway with an effective width of 60 metres and two by-pass galleries, each of which is 6 metres in diameter and 400 metres in length.
A transfer tunnel 13 km long and 4 m in diameter is also included in the contract. It will be created using a tunnel-boring machine approximately 30 km from the site of the dam. The segments are prefabricated on the worksite.

Le chantier début 2013 Barrage de Tabellout Algérie Plan du barrage



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