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The Swift on an experimental project

After its successful appearance at the Intermat show (where it obtained a silver medal in the Innovation Awards), the Swift pothole repair machine was chosen by the CNIM (French Commission for Equipment Innovation) to participate in a test in a worksite situation.

On the Initiative of the DIR Nord, (Inter-departmental Roads Directorate for the Northern region), an experimental project for repairing potholes and treating failed areas on motorways was organised on the RN 47 trunk road between Lille and Lens (Pas de Calais) on 27 June 2012.

The CNIM was won over by the qualities of this ergonomic and versatile “all-in-one” machine. It gave it a favourable verdict and its overwhelming support for innovation by certifying the Swift after the test project.

La Swift de Secmair en plein test Réparation de nids de poule Une route durable



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