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Villa Méditerranee

The construction designed by Stefano Boeri,presents a showcase of complementary expertise to Fayat Metal companies.


Villa Mediterranee presents an amazing architectural gesture and a real technological challenge. The spectacular metal door overhang of 40 meters weighs a total of 4 000 tons. The building houses a 410-seat amphitheater located 15 meters below sea level.

Controlled by Castel and Fromaget, this complex project includes a total of 6 companies of the Group for five different trades: foundations (Sefi-Intrafor), concrete (Bec Construction Provence), framing and metal structures (Castel et Fromaget, Joseph-Paris), glass facades (Castel Alu), the glass floors and monumental staircase of 6.30 meters(Viry).

Door overhang The worksite in summer 2011 Villa Mediterranee monumental stairway Castel et Fromaget at work Villa Mediterranee Villa Mediterranee lightens the Vieux Port of Marseille



Castel et Fromaget

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Bec Construction Provence

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Joseph Paris

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